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Not going to this year’s POWER-GEN Europe 2011? – watch the live webcast instead

This year’s POWER-GEN Europe is going to be hosting a number of discussions on issues around the European energy industry. In one of the joint plenary panel discussions, attendees are going to be able to hear firsthand what some of the biggest players in the European energy sector think about the industry’s ability to meet energy and climate goals.  In this discussion, leading figures from energy companies across Europe will discuss how nuclear and renewable power can help Europe meet carbon targets, as well as discuss the changes that will need to be made to the energy grid to make this a reality.

So that as many people as possible can hear what the European energy industry is talking about, and to ensure that those who can’t attend the show don’t miss out, PennWell will be running a live webcast of the discussion.  The webcast will take place at 14:00 CET on Wednesday 8 June, and for more information please visit the POWER-GEN Worldwide site. You can also register your interest so that you don’t miss out on the webcast.


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More details about the joint plenary panel discussion at POWER-GEN Europe 2011

Ahead of this year’s POWER-GEN Europe event, further details are now available for the conference’s joint plenary panel discussion, which will take place on Wednesday 8 June 2011. The discussion is entitled ‘European Power Policy – Can our industry really deliver?’, and will examine the range of strategic and technical solutions open to the European power industry in order to comply with the European Union’s energy policy.

Moderated by international journalist and TV presenter Stephen Sackur, the panel will be made up of leading members of the global power industry – including Stefano Pastori, Chief Executive Officer, EdiPower; Chicco Testa, Chairman, Forum Nucleare Italiano; Carlo Luzzatto, Co-General Manager, Ansaldo Energia; and Paul Browning, Vice President, Thermal Products, GE Power & Water.

The joint plenary panel discussion will provide a great forum for industry leaders to get to the heart of the issues that the European power industry is currently facing. We’re especially delighted to have secured participation from such prestigious industry figures, who we’re sure will certainly provide the audience with a lively and thought-provoking debate.

As well as assessing the ability of the European power industry to meet EU targets on energy consumption and climate change, the expert panel will analyse a number of major European energy issues relating to gas and nuclear power, grid infrastructure, and the prospects for carbon capture and storage.

If you’d like more information about the panel discussion and the POWER-GEN Europe 2011 event, please visit the website at www.powergeneurope.com.

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Industry divided over EU initiatives to meet targets on renewable energy

A poll recently conducted by Renewable Energy World Europe shows that the industry remains divided as to whether the EU can achieve its 20-20-20 targets and generate 20% of its total energy from renewables by 2020. Drawn from some of the world’s largest utility and energy firms, 44% of the experts surveyed believe the EU will fail to meet its targets, while controversially, a further 44% of respondents say that it is too early to tell.

The survey confirmed that continued technical innovation is viewed as the most important factor in the development of renewables in Europe, with over 60% of participants highlighting its importance. Emerging technologies like wave and tidal energy systems have the capacity to rival wind power as a key source for renewable energy, the respondents conclude. For example, the UK’s Carbon Trust estimates that the country could achieve 15% of its electricity needs by harnessing wave power alone. Not surprising then that 56% of participants agreed that wave power will play a significant role in the future of European renewables. However, those surveyed suggest that there could be a fly in the ointment, due to reluctance amongst governments to invest in developing wave power commercially, considering it to be a ‘high risk’ technology.

David Appleyard, conference director for Renewable Energy World Europe, commented: ‘The survey underlines the importance of innovation, yet many of the EU member countries are struggling to meet their targets due to their lack of investment in renewables. There needs to be a greater commitment to the development and installation of renewables across Europe, and with more investment, the EU could smash its 2020 targets.’

The results of the survey were announced ahead of Renewable Energy World Europe 2011, which is being held at Fiera Milano City in Milan, from 7-9 June. Visitors to the event will also be able to access to Europe’s leading energy exhibitions, POWER-GEN Europe 2011, and Nuclear Power Europe 2011, which are co-located with Renewable Energy World Europe. In addition, all three events will be complemented by a comprehensive conference programme, providing participants with a deeper understanding of a wide range of industry issues.

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