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Take your event experience online this year at POWER-GEN Europe and Renewable Energy World Europe


POWER-GEN Europe and Renewable Energy World Europe are introducing a variety of opportunities for you to interact with other exhibitors, visitors and speakers on social media. Attract more visitors to your stand and make new contacts by getting involved in the following ways:

Social testimonials

Exhibitors and visitors are invited to complete the below sentences on Twitter or Facebook:

  • #PGE14 works for me because…”
  • #REWE14 works for me because…”

Use this to share your ‘best bits’ about the event and promote your presence using the relevant hashtags.

Selfies / exhibition photographs

Take a photograph of yourself or your stand and post this on your Twitter or Facebook feed along with the relevant hashtag: #PGE14 or #REWE14.

Post your pictures alongside your company announcements, to increaseyour profile at the event, and encourage attendees to visit your stand.

The best posts, using the relevant #PGE14, #REWE14 hashtags, will be promoted in the Power Engineering International Show Daily Newspaper and video instalment. They will also be retweeted by POWER-GEN Europe and/or Renewable Energy World Europe.

Make the most of these great new ways to network and don’t forget to join our other social media groups below for more opportunities to interact with the wider event community.


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POWER-GEN & Renewable Energy World Europe: three days in 90 minutes

This year’s POWER-GEN Europe and Renewable Energy World Europe conferences are introducing a new session called the Joint Summary Session which will boil the three day conferences down into just 90 minutes.

Jacob Klimstra, author of the new book “Power Supply Challenges”, will kick-off the session by presenting his own unique take on the conference.

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Finding a framework to fit the needs of European power systems

The European energy market needs a stable framework so that all market players can compete on an even playing field, writes Risto Paldanius, Business Development Director at Wärtsilä Power Plants in Finland

Risto Paldanius

Risto Paldanius, Business Development Director at Wärtsilä Power Plants in Finland

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Renewables subsidies in Europe need a re-think

jacob klimstraRenewable energy sources and, more specifically, the way in which these are integrated into existing energy markets are an ever-growing concern. Jacob Klimstra, head of Jacob Klimstra Consultancy, discusses the impact that subsidising renewable energy sources, particularly in Germany, has on the European energy market.

Germany is a prime example of a country that is disrupting its own energy markets as well as those around it, as a direct result of the renewable energy subsidies it has introduced. Naturally, it is difficult to argue against the importance of stimulating renewable energy use. Yet the impact of feed-in tariffs and other subsidy schemes on the wider energy market needs to be reconsidered. Continue reading

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Navigating the shift to the low carbon future

EuropeWith change sweeping the European power industry as the integration of renewables gains pace, the debate on whether renewables should form a significant part of the future power generation infrastructure has moved on considerably. The question is no longer ‘if’ the transition will take place, but ‘how’.
This question of ‘how’ provides the central focus for this year’s POWER-GEN Europe, the leading event for power industry professionals. Taking place in Cologne, Germany from 3-5 June 2014, the conference will examine how integration, interconnectivity, and decentralisation are all essential in helping Europe move towards a low carbon future.

Nowhere has the scale and complexity of the challenge been more apparent than in Germany, where the ‘Energiewende’ has placed the delicate balancing act that Europe’s power industry must perform at the heart of business and political discussion. On the one hand, consumers want clean and affordable energy, politicians want reliable supply, greater interconnection and a single market for electricity; on the other, the rise in renewables is placing the margins of established utilities under immense pressure, whilst replacing conventional power with intermittent sources that ultimately are less reliable and more costly for the electricity system as a whole.

Certainly, utilities across Europe will need to reconfigure their business models moving forward. Their core expertise lies in constructing and operating plants, but they own assets across the value chain – i.e. power generation, transmission grid, and renewables. It will be vital for utilities to exploit this invaluable expertise and to position themselves more as enablers of the system, rather than centralised producers of power.

Decentralisation of the system is already apparent in Germany and other regions such as Scandinavia and Eastern Europe where municipal models are established. Outside these markets, other solutions will be needed. One option is greater cross-border interconnectivity, but this too can be a mixed blessing. Poland’s interconnection with Germany, for example, has seen the influx of surplus German wind power place its domestic power plants under extreme pressure.

The fact is that the European power industry has so far failed to put in place the necessary framework to support renewed investment in its ageing infrastructure. Add in the situation that modern gas-fired power plants across Europe are being mothballed or closed down because they don’t fit the current market model, and it becomes clear that the industry urgently needs renewed focus.

The economic slowdown has meant the political focus has been on financial markets, with energy pushed to the sidelines. But as the economy recovers and the banks become stronger, the power industry needs to ensure it doesn’t become the next industry in crisis. At a time when the market is in transition, and with ongoing conflict between European energy policies and those of individual member states, it is all the more important for industry professionals to come together.

To see the conference Grid-at-a-glance, please go to: http://s36.a2zinc.net/clients/pennwell/pge2014/CUSTOM/Handout/PGE%20Quick%20Grid%202014.pdf

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POWER-GEN Europe announces call for papers

POWER-GEN Europe and Renewable Energy World Europe are accepting abstracts for the 2014 joint conference tracks which will be held at Koelnmesse in Cologne, Germany from 3-5 June.

The theme for next year is ‘Navigating the Power Transition’ and conference sessions will focus on the availability of renewable energy to satisfy the demands of the current and future energy market as well as small scale renewables and new advancements in hybrid power plants. The German concept ‘Energiewende’ will also be a hot topic as the European Union prepares to implement its low carbon initiatives.

The renowned multi-track conference provides a unique platform to network with industry professionals and leading thinkers as they discuss the prominent issues facing this field. The renowned conference is divided into nine tracks covering all aspects of this sector including: renewable energy technology; changes in the European power sector; advanced steam plants and gas fired generation to name a few. A comprehensive list of suggested conference topics can be found here.

The POWER-GEN Europe and Renewable Energy World Europe Advisory Board, a committee of industry leading professionals , is responsible for selecting the content of the conference from submitted abstracts. The deadline for abstracts is 20th September 2013.

The multi-track conference programme is complemented by the region’s largest exhibition in energy generation where major players in the industry showcase their latest technologies and expertise in the renewable and thermal energy sector.

With POWER-GEN playing host to more than 12,200 attendees from over 100 countries, the prestigious event offers a rare opportunity for large and small businesses to interact as well as providing exposure to top leadership in the power generation industry.

Instructions for Submitting Abstract
Call for papers document

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