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Finding a framework to fit the needs of European power systems

The European energy market needs a stable framework so that all market players can compete on an even playing field, writes Risto Paldanius, Business Development Director at Wärtsilä Power Plants in Finland

Risto Paldanius

Risto Paldanius, Business Development Director at Wärtsilä Power Plants in Finland

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Do you want to share your vision at Europe’s largest power industry conference?

Messe Wien, Vienna, AustriaPOWER-GEN Europe and Renewable Energy World Europe are currently accepting speaker abstracts for next year’s co-located conferences, being held at the Messe Wien in Vienna, Austria from 4-6 June 2013. Power industry professionals are invited to share their vision, knowledge and experience of how Europe’s long-term power supplies will be maintained with industry peers, technical and strategic decision makers and strategists. With 243 speakers and over 1,000 delegates anticipated to attend, both conferences offer a fantastic opportunity to network with leading organisations and high-level influencers, as well as giving you a chance to represent your company at the most prestigious event in the power generation industry. Each conference is broken into technical and strategic tracks covering a diverse range of topics including: hydro marine and turbo power; regulation; small scale renewable procurement and contracting; geothermal energy; coal fired power plants; and gas fired power technology operation, maintenance, refurbishment and optimisation. Issues specific to the Central and Eastern European power sector are expected to be particularly pertinent at next year’s event, as well as topics such as energy storage and integration, and matters relating to the integration of renewable energy into the power system. A full break down of suggested conference topics and themes for each of the conference can be found here:

Each conference has an independent Advisory Board responsible for selecting successful papers. The Board represents a wide cross-section of the industry and includes experienced professionals from leading European utility companies, equipment suppliers, manufacturers, service providers, associations and consultancies. The deadline for submitting papers is 21 September 2012. Abstracts can be submitted via the event websites:

We look forward to hearing from you!

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August 29, 2012 · 9:52 am

Arrivederci Milan, Willkommen Cologne: POWER-GEN Europe 2011

Last week’s nineteenth POWER-GEN Europe Conference and Exhibition and its co-located events, Nuclear Power Europe and Renewable Energy World Europe, attracted a record number 14,917 attendees across the three events over three days.. 

Highlights included opening keynote speeches from Gianfilippo Mancini, director of Enel’s Generation and Energy Management Division & Energy Management Division, Paul Browning president and CEO of GE Energy’s Thermal Products and Giuseppe Zampini CEO of Anslado Energia.  All three speakers provided a clear picture that the European power sector is changing and it is changing fast.

An excellent plenary panel debate hosted by leading international journalist and broadcaster Stephen Sackur, exploring whether the power industry can deliver on European policy targets, was another highpoint. For the first time, the debate was streamed live on the internet allowing a global audience to participate, with questions coming from as far afield as Singapore, South Africa and Australia.

The ever-growing popularity of the show is demonstrative of the industry’s eagerness to discover the latest developments in business, technology and policy at a moment of such rapid change for power generation. It was a pleasure to welcome professionals from every sector of the power sector to be a part of their discussions on the challenges that they face every day and, crucially, how they can work together to overcome them. It is POWER-GEN Europe’s privilege to play host to these discussions and to provide an arena for every sector of the power industry to come together.

We bid Milan a fond “Arrivederci” and thank our exhibitors, visitors, delegates and speakers for their continued support of our events. For 2012 we are proud to sayWillkommen in Köln” when POWER-GEN Europe and its co-located events stage at the KoelnMesse, Cologne, Germany on 12 – 14 June 2012.

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POWER-GEN Europe Day 1: Innovation drives a new era for European Power Generation

The POWER-GEN Europe Conference and Exhibition, Nuclear Power Europe and Renewable Energy World Europe opened in spectacular fashion today with keynote sessions from leading figures in the power industry. All three speakers were united in their belief that power generation is undergoing a period of unparalleled change, driven by innovation and energy policies.

Conference Director, Nigel Blackaby, welcomed delegates and opened the conference with a speech on the current position of Europe’s energy supply and on the energy market becoming increasingly converged for suppliers and consumers, as the need for flexible power generation grows.

Gianfilippo Mancini, Director of the Generation and Energy Management Division and Market Division at Enel, Italy explained that a new era has dawned across the European energy market and a deep transformation is underway. Renewable energy technologies such as smart grids have proven to significantly increase energy efficiency and companies on a global scale are beginning to invest heavily in their development.

During the keynote session Paul Browning, CEO of Thermal Products at GE Power & Water addressed the serious challenges of energy scarcity and discussed some of the actions being taken to create a more balanced global energy supply. Browning also touched on European energy policies and added that whilst the EU’s 202020 targets should be commended, the industry’s sights now need to be set even further.

Giuseppe Zampini, CEO, Ansaldo Energia closed the keynote session with his views and predictions for the energy sector, focussing on the future of the nuclear power industry.  This was discussed in the context of the recent events at the Fukushima Daiichi plant in Japan and the impact these have had on the wider industry.

This year’s event has seen a record number of exhibitors, topping 600 for the first time. Advanced visitor registrations have also superseded those of last year with attendance from utilities rising especially fast.

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More details about the joint plenary panel discussion at POWER-GEN Europe 2011

Ahead of this year’s POWER-GEN Europe event, further details are now available for the conference’s joint plenary panel discussion, which will take place on Wednesday 8 June 2011. The discussion is entitled ‘European Power Policy – Can our industry really deliver?’, and will examine the range of strategic and technical solutions open to the European power industry in order to comply with the European Union’s energy policy.

Moderated by international journalist and TV presenter Stephen Sackur, the panel will be made up of leading members of the global power industry – including Stefano Pastori, Chief Executive Officer, EdiPower; Chicco Testa, Chairman, Forum Nucleare Italiano; Carlo Luzzatto, Co-General Manager, Ansaldo Energia; and Paul Browning, Vice President, Thermal Products, GE Power & Water.

The joint plenary panel discussion will provide a great forum for industry leaders to get to the heart of the issues that the European power industry is currently facing. We’re especially delighted to have secured participation from such prestigious industry figures, who we’re sure will certainly provide the audience with a lively and thought-provoking debate.

As well as assessing the ability of the European power industry to meet EU targets on energy consumption and climate change, the expert panel will analyse a number of major European energy issues relating to gas and nuclear power, grid infrastructure, and the prospects for carbon capture and storage.

If you’d like more information about the panel discussion and the POWER-GEN Europe 2011 event, please visit the website at www.powergeneurope.com.

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How should the European power industry face-up to future challenges?

The smart grid has been one of the main talking points in the European power industry for the past ten years, promising a future of increased efficiency, lower costs, and a secure and dependable power supply.  Clearly, this is still a major issue, but one aspect which seems to have been ignored is what will happen to traditional power generation in the low carbon network.  No matter what model of smart-grid is implemented, it will be let down if the bulk of power is supplied by a fleet of ageing, inefficient power stations.

For the European energy industry, the problem isn’t a simple one. The cost of a new power station is prohibitive, and many projects can fail to get off the ground if a suitable site isn’t available or if local opposition is too strong. Clearly, the power sector must make the most of its current plants if it wants to improve efficiency and increase output. Renovation and retrofit schemes can breathe new life into aging power stations, reducing carbon emissions using existing resources.

It is clear that the traditional power sector in Europe is going to provide the foundation for the region’s energy future. However, it is going to have to undergo major transformation over the next decade in order to provide more power with fewer emissions. Whatever route is taken, it is crucial that it leads the way to a low carbon future, and makes it easier to increase the number of low carbon energy sources being used. The POWER-GEN Europe 2011 conference will provide a prime opportunity for the industry to discuss its options and work out where the future lies. The conference will be split into six separate tracks, with each track having seven session throughout the day, providing the opportunity to look at all of these issues, and more, in much greater detail.

For more information about the POWER-GEN Europe 2011 conference, and to book your place at the event, please visit the POWER-GEN Europe 2011 website.

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An in-depth look at the keynote speakers at POWER-GEN Europe 2011

Giuseppe Zampini, Chief Executive Officer of Ansaldo Energia

Giuseppe Zampini, Chief Executive Officer of Ansaldo Energia

We’re pleased to announce that we’ve secured an initial two keynote speakers for this year’s POWER-GEN Europe event, both of whom are influential figures in the Italian power industry. The joint opening keynote session will be delivered by Gianfilippo Mancini, director of the Generation and Energy Management & Market divisions of Enel, Italy’s largest power company, and Giuseppe Zampini, Chief Executive Officer of Ansaldo Energia, Italy’s leading producer of thermoelectric power plants.

Gianfilippo Mancini, director of the Generation and Energy Management & Market divisions of Enel

Gianfilippo Mancini, director of the Generation and Energy Management & Market divisions of Enel

The keynote speech will provide both speakers with the opportunity to provide their thoughts around the prospects and direction of Europe’s electricity industry. Mr Mancini will give delegates the chance to learn about the factors influencing decision-making within the industry, as it seeks to meet the dual goals of combating climate change whilst providing a secure and affordable power supply. Mr Zampini will focus on the role that nuclear power will play in the future energy mix as the European energy industry reaches a crucial crossroads in its development.

The keynote speech will set the tone for the event, and provide everyone with a perfect introduction to what promises to be the highlight of the European power industry’s calendar. For those with an interest in the European power industry, the thoughts and opinions of the keynote speakers are guaranteed to hit at the heart of today’s most prominent energy issues.

Please keep checking http://www.powergeneurope.com/ for further details about additional keynote speakers at the event, as well as information concerning the companies exhibiting, and the topics being discussed during the accompanying conference.

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