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Not going to this year’s POWER-GEN Europe 2011? – watch the live webcast instead

This year’s POWER-GEN Europe is going to be hosting a number of discussions on issues around the European energy industry. In one of the joint plenary panel discussions, attendees are going to be able to hear firsthand what some of the biggest players in the European energy sector think about the industry’s ability to meet energy and climate goals.  In this discussion, leading figures from energy companies across Europe will discuss how nuclear and renewable power can help Europe meet carbon targets, as well as discuss the changes that will need to be made to the energy grid to make this a reality.

So that as many people as possible can hear what the European energy industry is talking about, and to ensure that those who can’t attend the show don’t miss out, PennWell will be running a live webcast of the discussion.  The webcast will take place at 14:00 CET on Wednesday 8 June, and for more information please visit the POWER-GEN Worldwide site. You can also register your interest so that you don’t miss out on the webcast.


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