And the number one most influential voice in the power generation industry is…

After six months of voting we are pleased to announce the holder of the number 1 spot on our list of the most influential voices in the power generation industry, the Power 100.

The nominee with the most votes is… Charles Soothill, Chief Technology Officer, Alstom Thermal Power! Soothill has been active in developing technologies for efficiency, fuel flexibility and emissions reduction for over 25 years it is perhaps unsurprising that he featured so highly on the list.

However he had tough competition and a close contender and holder of second place was Graham Cooley, CEO of ITM Power, who topped the list several times over the last six months. Howard Johns, Founder and MD of Southern Solar was in third place.

A central theme that ran through this year`s show was integration so we are pleased to see that the list included figures from both the traditional power generation industry as well as thought leaders from the renewables sector. POWER-GEN Europe and its co-located event, Renewable Energy World Europe brings together experts from the entire continent and the list reflects this. The presence of Prof. Dr. Volkan Ş. EDİGER and Ozkan Agis of Turkey in the top 10 shows the growing influence of this nation, which was demonstrated at this year’s conference and exhibition.

So, congratulations to Mr Soothill and thank you to all who voted.

Top 20

Charles Soothill – Chief Technology Officer, Alstom Thermal Power
Graham Cooley – CEO, ITM Power
Howard Johns – Founder and MD, Southern Solar
Yrjö Norri – VP Sales, Kopar Group
Dr Fatih Birol – Chief Economist and Director of Global Energy Economics, International Energy Agency
Prof Dr Osman Sevaioglu – Professor, Middle East Technical University
Ozkan Agis – President, Enerko
Prof Dr Volkan Ediger – Energy Advisor to Turkish President
Frank Hyldmar – CEO Electricity, Elster Group
Juliet Davenport – CEO, Good Energy
Rick George – former CEO, Suncor Energy Inc
Fulvio Conti – CEO and General Manager, ENEL
Angie Bywater – Project Manager, Methanogen UK Ltd
Dale Vince – Founder, Ecotricity
Saar Herman – CEO, EcoSeed
Lothar Balling – Head of Gas Turbine Power Plant Solutions, Siemens
Dr Coskun Kucukozmen – Lecturer, International Trade and Finance Department of Izmir University of Economics
Necdet Pamir – Chairman; Energy Commission of the Republican People’s Party (CHP)
Taner Yildiz – Energy and Natural Resources Minister of Turkey
Oguz Turkyimaz – Chairman, Energy Commission of Chamber Of Mechanical Engineers, Turkey
Philippe Cochet – President Alstom Power Thermal, Alstom Power


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