The Power100: The search for the 100 most influential voices in the power industry today

#Power100The power generation industry in Europe is facing many challenges, not least keeping power flowing, and it seems that everyone in the industry has an opinion on how to ensure Europe isn’t plunged into darkness. However, seldom few have the power to influence governments and organisations with their words and change how the continent will manage power in the future.

In the run up to this year’s POWER-GEN Europe event we will be searching for these individuals and building a list of the top 100 most influential voices in the industry today.

This is your chance to nominate the man or woman you feel is leading the thinking on the industry’s key issues, changing the fate of global organisations and influencing policy making. It could be your CEO, a favourite journalist, an innovative engineer, or perhaps a politician.

We will be tracking the votes in a series of blogs, and the number one most influential person will be announced on the closing day of POWER-GEN Europe in Vienna, on 6th June.

To let us know your choice, please send us a tweet at @POWERGENEUROPE, using the hashtag #Power100


Kate Garratt @kate_garratt: @POWERGENEUROPE I’m voting for Frank Hyldmar of @Elster_global for the #Power100

We look forward to hearing your thoughts and don’t forget to check future blogs to see where your nominee is placed.


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